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Cameras have become commodities. The barriers for entry into video production have dropped dramatically. So what makes one production company different from another? Strangely enough...it's not about video.

It's about service. Everyone at PrimeImage Media is fanatical about customer service. We truly believe that when you engage with us, we become your 'in-house' video production team, and we base our success on how well we help you to achieve yours.

Anyone can produce video. At PrimeImage Media, we produce results. Give us a call and let us become your 'go-to' team for high-quality, high-value video production.

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Chief Production Manager


PrimeImage Media was founded by Freedman in 2008 to provide video production services with a level of customer service previosuly unseen in the industry.

Senior Production Manager


With over 20 years of experience in the video production field, Sexauer delivers high-quality work with white-glove treatment. 

Production Manager


PrimeImage's "Secret Weapon", DiMatteo is one of the fastest editors in the business, and can turn around a project in record time without sacrificing quality.